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Welcome to Softhird Consulting LLC

Softhird Consulting LLC is a dynamic company, with a mission to design, implement and support software and hardware systems, based on a broad selection of Open Source solutions, including Linux operating system, flexible Content Management Systems for the Web and intranets, and custom software designs.

Our focus are both small and large businesses
, that can benefit from using Open Source and rapid development approach to improve their business model. In addition to the wide range of hardware-related services, we provide extensive software and Web development solutions.

Softhird Consulting LLC is located in the Tampa Bay area, but operates worldwide, delivering its products using advanced protocols and employing sophisticated project management approach to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Softhird Consulting LLC is a limited liability company, organized under the laws of the State of Florida.

Contact Information:

Softhird Consulting LLC

Peter Trzeciak - Owner
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Anna Trzeciak - Creative Director
Phone: 813-838-1382
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Softhird Consulting LLC - Peter Trzeciak - GSSP-Java Certification

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