Social Media Presence Management

The explosion of social media has become a pfenomenon in the past few years. However, what initially started as a teen sharing activity, has turned into a full business presence and advertising platform. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, businesses small and large are utilizing social platforms to expand their visibility, reach new customers and improve their products and services.

However, managing this tangled web of connections and constantly changing landscape of on-line options, can be challenging and time consuming. Offloading this burden to someone who can apply their extensive knowledge of the industry is critical and can have enormous benefits. In addition, social platforms come with their own set of new issues, including cyber security and privacy concerns. Your business needs someone with expertise in search optimization, content management and integration, as well as software security. Softhird Consulting LLC can provide a solution for your business in this complex, social world of on-line presence.

Web Presence

Create Web Presence For Under $5001

Using advanced Web development techniques, including Open Source, Web 2.0, Content Management Systems (CMS), and employing Software as a Service (SaaS) concepts, enables Softhird Consulting LLC to deliver the most up-to-date, future-proof and robust Web solutions to our customers.

Such an approach also translates to significant savings for the customer, as the design and implementation phases are short, solutions are delivered on time, costs are low, and product maintenance is simplified. The basic Web portal, with user registration, content control and full backend administration access can be delivered for less than $5001.

Imagine the possibilities for your business when you can envision your product from the inception, having total control over the content and design of your Web application, controlling updates and layout changes without the need for expensive consulting and hi-tech knowledge. You will have a full control over your Web site, and the flexibility to make any changes on the fly.

Leveraging modern, Web-centric, scripting languages, open source products and development frameworks, enables Softhird Consulting LLC to seamlessly deliver the following custom Web solutions:

  • Design, implement and maintain Web sites using Web 2.0 principles (Ajax and PHP).
  • Rapidly develop Web solutions based on powerful content management systems, like Joomla, phpBB, PhpList, WordPress, Drupal, and others.
  • Perform integration and modification of advanced Joomla components, including Community Builder , VirtueMart and DocMan.
  • Customize core Joomla code, including plug-in development and modification.
  • Deliver e-commerce solutions based on Joomla , VirtueMart and PayPal Pro Sandbox.
  • Create custom Web and database applications using Ruby on Rails and Django frameworks.
  • Develop powerful Java/JSP/Struts Web applications, utilizing years of enterprise-based experience.

The possibilities are endless...


1 The basic setup does not include custom templates, custom coding and any customization of the software base. Domain registration fees and hosting fees are extra.

Custom Software Solutions

Open Source Solutions

When your business outgrowths standard office applications, or you have a special task that requires custom software development, Softhird Consulting LLC not only delivers what you require, but delivers it employing modern software development approach, known as Agile Development. This technique ensures that software is developed not only in a timely fashion, but that it is 100% up to your specification.

Softhird Consulting LLC can help you with:

  • Development of custom Linux and Windows applications.
  • Design, implementation and administration of database solutions based on open source MySQL, SQLite, or Microsoft SQL Server platforms.
  • Support for custom applications and solutions.
  • Linux system and application development training.
  • Custom-designed document management services (paper/digital/workflow applications).

All our software solutions are designed and implemented using modern and scalable programming languages (C++, Java, PHP).

Our development philosophy acknowledges importance of secure software design and implementation. To ensure your peace of mind, we have obtained a GSSP-Java certification from Global Information assurance Certification (analyst #1064).

Call us for a free evaluation of your requirements.

Search Engine Optimization and Webmaster Services

Cloud Applications and Search Engine Optimization

Your Web site is only as good as the traffic it attracts!

Building your Web site gets you only half way to the on-line success. You need to attract visitors and make sure that your portal is visible to search engines. You need to know your visitors to establish a viable marketing plan for your business. You should maximize your Web presence and add value to your site by enabling on-line advertising.

As your company grows, your IT needs are expanding as well. Getting by with your Internet provider's e-mail could be good enough for small businesses, but it becomes a chore when you have to manage a large number of employees. Software as a Service (SaaS) could be the answer. Offload your IT infrastructure to the on-line provider, like Google and Amazon, and make your professional life easier.

Softhird Consulting LLC can help your business with the following:

  • Google Apps domain setup, deployment and development.
  • Google Applications maintenance, including e-mail, calendar, front page, Sites, and distributed Web Applications.
  • Joomla and WordPress Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics setup.
  • Web hosting setup, and application management.
  • Amazon Cloud (AWS) setup and development.

Hardware Services

Hardware Services and Solutions

From PC setup, to LAN design, to complex server solution, Softhird Consulting LLC can provide a solution for your business. We can provide the following services:

  • Linux server and workstation setup and maintenance.
  • Design and installation of wired and wireless network solutions.
  • Support of Windows servers and PCs.
  • Complex server design and maintenance, including standard and clustered, custom database and file storage systems.
  • Data backup solutions.