Search Engine Optimization and Webmaster Services

Cloud Applications and Search Engine Optimization

Your Web site is only as good as the traffic it attracts!

Building your Web site gets you only half way to the on-line success. You need to attract visitors and make sure that your portal is visible to search engines. You need to know your visitors to establish a viable marketing plan for your business. You should maximize your Web presence and add value to your site by enabling on-line advertising.

As your company grows, your IT needs are expanding as well. Getting by with your Internet provider's e-mail could be good enough for small businesses, but it becomes a chore when you have to manage a large number of employees. Software as a Service (SaaS) could be the answer. Offload your IT infrastructure to the on-line provider, like Google and Amazon, and make your professional life easier.

Softhird Consulting LLC can help your business with the following:

  • Google Apps domain setup, deployment and development.
  • Google Applications maintenance, including e-mail, calendar, front page, Sites, and distributed Web Applications.
  • Joomla and WordPress Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics setup.
  • Web hosting setup, and application management.
  • Amazon Cloud (AWS) setup and development.