Joomla! Security Focus

Joomla! Content Management System has had its share of security problems, as they all do. When you are working to implement and maintain a large software framework, it is inevitable to introduce security bugs and to have exploits pop up here and there.
As I have been around Joomla! system for almost 10 years now (back when it was called Mambo CMS), I have noticed how serious the core team has became about security and problem resolution.
Just in the last few months, Joomla! security team has released a number up updates to the core system, after discovering bugs affecting software security. Not only the bugs were quickly discovered, but they were equally quickly patched up as new versions of Joomla! were released.
However, all this great work means nothing, if the sites that utilize Joomla! are not patched up as fast as the core code. This job falls on us, the Webmasters and technical consultants, running those sites and portals. One way to ensure that your are up to date with Joomla! security news is to monitor Joomla! Security Center, which provides up-to-date information on important bugs and fixes to the community.
Most imprtant: keep your sites up to date... update often and make sure your third-party components are secured too.