Keeping Your Site Safe - Upgrading to Joomla! 3

One of the most important aspects of securing your computer resources, including your PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones, is keeping all the software running on them as much up to date as possible. This includes updating operating system, application software and all of the plugins and utilities that we rely on in our daily work.

Your company web site is no exception in this process, as it probably runs under some sort of Content Management System, like Joomla!, WordPress or Drupal. While the maintenance of the back-end of your Web infrastructure should be left in the domain of your hosting company (make sure you use a reputable hosting company to ensure timely updates), you are probably responsible for the code running your web site and any customizations added on top of it.

Now, to the main point. Joomla!, being one of the most popular Content Management Systems in existence, is used to power countless web sites around the world. At the end of December 2014, its 2.5 codebase was retired, which means that Joomla community is no longer providing regular maintenance upgrades and bug fixes to the latest 2.5 version (2.5.28). This also means that if your site runs under Joomla 2.5, it will no longer receive security updates and might becomeĀ vulnerable to hacks and, as a result, to blacklisting on the major search engines.

Joomla community has prepared a nice guide to help webmasters and developers to migrate from 2.5 codebase to the latest 3 version. The process is not difficult, but it does require some knowledge of the back-end setup and, if something goes wrong, it might require some additional work to restore your site. The complexity also depends on the amount of third-party extensions that your site utilizes, as some of them might not be available for Joomla! 3.

If you feel that this migration is too complex to do on your own, or if you want to have a complete peace of mind and an assurance that your site's down time is kept to a minimum, your can contact us at Softhird Consulting LLC and we can help you with this very important task.

In any case, do not wait and upgrade as soon as possible if the security of your web site and your company reputation are important to you.